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"How To Plan A Fabulous Vacation"

"Unlock the Secrets to 3 Dreamy Couple Getaways: Your Ultimate Guide to Adventure and Romance!"

* Embark on a journey of love and discovery with our vibrant guide to three destinations that are just waiting for couples like you to explore! We'll show you how to conquer each spot with a mix of adventure and romance, crafting memories that will last a lifetime. Dive in and let the magic of travel reignite your passion and bond! 

Keep The Spark Ignited

*Imagine having a yearly Romantic Vacation to look forward to with your husband, where you had no children and could spend a week away on the beach just getting to know each other again.

*Imagine going from confused and concerned to packed in flight mode.

*Imagine going from idea only to boarding pass in hand.

*Imagine frolicking through Italy with your husband, taking cooking classes or truffle hunting.

*Imagine if you could deepen that relationship so that when the kids leave home, you are not like the people you see on TV, just empty nesters sitting silently and distantly.

*This vacation will be customized to your preferences, with an itinerary developed specifically for you. This will include lodging, transportation, activities, and dinner reservations.

Happily Ever After Love

Let’s plan your dream vacation in 14 days or less.

Plan your dream vacation to keep the spark in your marriage.

Craft an itinerary filled with excursions and intimate moments intertwined. While also creating lifelong memories.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

-A fully planned getaway for you and your spouse so you just breathe and spend quality time together
-A special app to break down your itinerary each day while you vacation
-Automatic updates with modifications of flights before they are posted on the airport board
-Communication with James & Christy only about updates and changes
-Regular emails about your upcoming trip
-Receive emails about the destination and travel tips within 30 days before your trip
-Daily support during your vacation

Pricing: $299


Why should I use a travel professional to build my romantic getaway?

We have spent the previous few years obtaining destination and resort certification. We can advise you on which resorts have the best amenities and which are ideal for resting. We also know which resorts are popular with families or spring breakers, which are adult-only... and which are "adult" only. There is a significant difference, believe us.

Do we offer payment plans?

Why do we require a planning fee?
1. You are hiring a travel professional who invests a significant amount of time, money, and hours in order to offer each client with the greatest travel experience they have always desired.

2. We provide a substantial amount of support and different services to help alleviate the stress of planning your vacation.

Calling All Married Couples

Join a vibrant community: Marriage Adventures: Travel & Glow ✈️💖 FACEBOOK COMMUNITY where you connect with other like-minded married couples to help support one another and keep the flame alive through travel.


see What others are saying about us

"You were absolutely a GODSEND when it came time to make a dream come true for my family and friends! You arranged a complete Disney World experience for us across 2 different states! All we had to do was have a few brief meetings with you on Zoom, pack, fly, land, and ENJOY! BTW the packet of info you sent before the trip reminding us of what to pack was VERY helpful!"

- Darlene E., Texas

"My husband and I's first-anniversary trip was everything. It was stress-free, fun, and well-planned. We will definitely book with you again."

"My husband and I's first-anniversary trip was everything. It was stress-free, fun, and well-planned. We will definitely book with you again."

- April R., Georgia

We enjoyed our 1st trip to Disney, thanks to our travel agent Mrs.Knowles. She made our trip as easy as easy gets. We didn’t have to worry about anything. Hands down the best experience!

- Natalie C., Mississippi

Thank you for Your assistance… it was amazing. 

Darrell C., Mississippi

"Thanks to you, we were able to have a stress-free honeymoon! You had everything booked and all the details worked out for us! You were AWESOME & we can't wait to plan our next trip!!!"

- Prenetia F., Alabama

"You went above and beyond to make our couples trip a dream come true. Can't wait to plan our next trip with you."

- Vangela S., Mississippi

I would like to shout out Christy Knowles at Branch Out Travel for helping to plan an awesome birthday celebration/vacation to Jamaica for me and my friend. She was easy to work with and she made the whole process go smoothly.

- Beverly K., Mississippi

Fun & Sun Travel

Sometimes you just need to get away and feel the sun, sand, and warmth of a warm destination. Fun and Sun vacations are often essential to everyone's health and well-being.

The trouble arises in trying to choose out of the thousands of hotels, resorts, cruises and potential "warm" destinations. When we work together,
we get to know you and leverage our resources and knowledge to match you with the perfect sunny destination, hotel, resort or cruise! 

European Travel

Vacationing in Europe is a dream for many people, but the logistics of putting together flights, transfers, train tickets, excursions, cooking classes, and hotels can be overwhelming and prevents many people from ever getting on the plane.

Allow us to come alongside you in the process of making your European dreams come to life. From Ireland to Italy, Paris to Prague, there are memories waiting for you abroad!

Group Travel

Group trips to Europe are awesome!

The bittersweet truth of today's world is that we often find ourselves miles apart from the ones who hold our hearts.. Rather than using vacation days to coordinate everyone coming 'home', why not use your vacation days to vacation together? With our support, group travel is coordinated, stress-free, and best of all, we act as a mediator to make sure everyone's wishes and preferences are heard and taken into consideration.

Peace of Mind When (And Where) It Matters

Personalized Service and
Customized Planning

The trips we plan for clients are highly collaborative.

No two travelers are cut from the same cloth—yep, not even within your own tribe! So, you can bet your bottom dollar that each itinerary we craft is as unique as you are.

We get to know our clients on a personal level to find out what really matters to them.

We're not just scratching the surface here, we dig deep into the "why" fueling your travel dreams. Then, we roll up our sleeves and get busy ensuring your adventure aligns perfectly with your unique vibe and vision.

VIP Treatment

Relax and breathe easy! We're here to lift that planning weight off your shoulders, so all you've got to do is savor the exciting journey ahead.

We bring all the elements together for you with a splash of fun and a mix of modern & classic styles that will create an unforgettable experience for you and your spouse.

Peace of Mind When (And Where) It Matters

Your trips are the manifestation of two very important parts of your life: your leisure time and discretionary income. What you do with these two assets will add to all other areas of your life.

Why leave it to chance? Working with us ensures you have someone committed to you; someone who is looking out for you and is deeply invested in your happiness every step of the way.

Should you run into any travel issues, weather delays, or lost luggage, rest easy knowing we are working behind the scenes, advocating on your behalf to find solutions as quickly as possible.

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