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Getaway and Just Breathe
Branch Out Travel

Traveling together can help you rekindle the romance in  your  relationship and make it stronger 

Marsaxlokk Malta

"Our heart breaks when we see couples struggle with quality time"


Personalized Service and Customized Planning

The trips we plan for clients are highly collaborative.


No two travelers are the same (even within your own family!) which means no two itineraries are the same.


We get to know our clients on a personal level to find out what really matters to them.


We dive into the “why” behind the trip, and we get to work making sure you are matched with the right experience for you.


VIP Treatment

We try to lift the burden parts of planning off of you so that you can enjoy the planning process.


We bring all the elements together for you with a splash of fun and a mix of modern & classic styles that will create an unforgettable experience for you and your spouse.


Peace of Mind When (And Where) It Matters

Your trips are the manifestation of two very important parts of your life: your leisure time and discretionary income. What you do with these two assets will add to all other areas of your life.


Why leave it to chance? Working with us ensures you have someone committed to you; someone who is looking out for you and is deeply invested in your happiness every step of the way.


Should you run into any travel issues, weather delays, or lost luggage, rest easy knowing we are working behind the scenes, advocating on your behalf to find solutions as quickly as possible.

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Adoring Client Testimonials 

Darlene E., Texas

"You were absolutely a GODSEND when it came time to make a dream come true for my family and friends! You arranged a complete Disney World experience for us across 2 different states! All we had to do was have a few brief meetings with you on Zoom, pack, fly, land, and ENJOY! BTW the packet of info you sent before the trip reminding us of what to pack was VERY helpful!"

Prenetia F., Alabama

"Thanks to you, we were able to have a stress-free honeymoon! You had everything booked and all the details worked out for us! You were AWESOME & we can't wait to plan our next trip!!!"

April R., Georgia

"My husband and I's first-anniversary trip was everything. It was stress-free, fun, and well-planned. We will definitely book with you again."

Vangela S., Mississippi

"You went above and beyond to make our couples trip a dream come true. Can't wait to plan our next trip with you."

You can rekindle the romance!


Schedule A Chat

Chat with Christy and see if we're a good fit to work together


Let us create a custom itinerary

Together we'll create a specific plan to accomplish your goals

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Rekindle The Romance

Eliminate frustration and love your quality time with your spouse.

At Branch Out Travel we understand that you and your partner want to have a fantastic relationship. In order to be that way, you need to spend quality time traveling together.  The issue is that you aren't prioritizing your relationship, which causes you to feel overwhelmed. We believe that not spending quality time together hurts your relationship. We understand because we've been in your shoes. That is why we assist you in Getaway and Just Breathe, allowing you to spend quality time together and Rekindle The Romance. So schedule a time to chat, so you can stop the sleepless nights and start smiling about your wonderful relationship.

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Working With the Best

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